Essays (and About)

Here’s some boring information: I keep switching the subtitle of this thing from “probing the limitations of thought” to “Stumbling into a Pathless Land.” The first captures what I appear to be doing; and the second  sounds better (linking “geography” and “land”).

“Pathless Land” is a phrase Krishnamurti used in his more or less famous “pathless land speech”. Here’s the speech.

The Manifesto can serve as my “About.”

Contact me by commenting on any given essay. Or you can email

A competing Self has a different website, and this is that site’s About.

I am the man who mistook himself for his dog.

Man who mistook himself for his dog
The Man Who Mistook Himself for His Dog

The essays below are mainly from this site. Some are older. More shorter notes are coming, fewer essays. So I’ll start putting essays here to distinguish.


Jeff Shampnois



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